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Pre-litigation Strategies

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New Jersey business strategies for avoiding litigation

It is true no matter what type of legal dispute you may face: The earlier you prepare the better. Careful contract drafting today can help you avoid litigation and other costly contract disputes in the future.

At the Law Offices of Myron D. Milch, P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients minimize the possibility of contract litigation or avoid litigation altogether. We also provide valuable legal counsel for clients who want to prepare for anticipated legal disputes. If you suspect that your company may be drawn into a contract dispute, talk to a lawyer with experience in pre-litigation planning.

To discuss proactive contract provisions and other litigation-avoidance strategies, contact a New Jersey collections litigation lawyer.

Protect Your Business from Costly Litigation

New Jersey collections litigation lawyer Myron Milch works intensively in creditor-debtor disputes and litigation. Our firm helps creditors, debtors, and homeowners avoid litigation and potential problems, as well as prepare themselves for collections claims and breach of contract litigation. We can fully explain several proactive litigation-avoiding strategies, including:

  • Drafting initial contracts with clear language
  • Reviewing existing contracts and identifying potential legal issues
  • Revising contracts to respond to changes in conditions
  • Setting forth contract terms for potential litigation, such as what type of forum will be required, the place where dispute resolution must take place, any arbitration provisions,

Effective action can be taken at any point during a business relationship. Proactive contract review and updates can strengthen your position and reduce the chance of expensive and time-consuming business litigation.

Contact a New Jersey Collections Litigation Attorney

To discuss proactive business strategies and contract provisions that can help you avoid litigation, call us at 201-214-3992 or e-mail our Hackensack law office to arrange a consultation. Our experienced collections litigation attorney works with clients throughout New Jersey and nationwide.

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